Skin care is important and necessary for women nowadays. Moreover, having a smooth and soft skin will bring good confidence and nice appearance. Cosmetics industry becomes develop with many amazing products. However, we can not decline the health benefits from natural remedies. Learn more in this article to know some home remedies for blackheads.

  • Lemon juice

Lemon is rich of vitamin C and acid that ease swelling and redness from your skin. This is a strong method for moving blackheads and acne. You can put directly lemon juice to your skin for 15 minutes and cleanse your face with water. Repeat this remedy for twice a week to get rid of blackheads faster. Notice that if you have a sensitive skin, you should limit or reduce the application to avoid allergy or redness.

  • Turmeric

Turmeric contains many strong properties which prevent harmful bacteria and toxins to the body. This is one of the best remedies for many medical conditions such as bacterial vaginosis and sore throat. Potentially, this also avoids scar forming from acne. Try to add mint juice with turmeric to create a mixture then apply directly your skin to remove all blackheads for five minutes then clean with warm water.

  • Baking soda

Baking soda is loaded many effective components that eliminate acne and blackheads quickly. On the other hand, it also controls oiliness and moisture skin. Try to mix two tablespoons of baking soda with some water then apply on your face. After 20 minutes you might probably rinse with warm water. To get achieve you should repeat this method for twice a week.

  • Honey

There are many anti-inflammatory and antibacterial elements in honey which protect your skin and prevent further infection. You should use honey for twice a week to treat blackheads effectively. You can try to put 3-5 teaspoons of honey then boil up. After cool down, you should rub on the skin to remove all dirt and blackheads. Make sure perform this method until you get smooth skin. Other option is mixing with lemon then applies for 20-30 minutes.

  • Apple

This might be the first time you have heard about apple’s benefit which can remove blackheads. It is an easy method to apply. Because of its antioxidants therefore, all blackheads and acne will be eliminated after several times. In addition, it is very great to moisture your skin and keep smooth. Try to cut some small and thin pieces of an apple then mix a half cup of boiled milk with that. After using a blender to make a right mixture then apply this mask for 30 minutes. Cleanse the face with warm water.

  • Potato

Potato improves the skin health and eliminates all harmful bacteria which live on your skin. There are many ways to remove blackheads but people almost use potato with honey to destroy blackheads. Otherwise, potato is one of the best remedies for blackheads and whitens your face. You might probably add a spoon of pure honey with a fresh potato then put over on your skin for 15 minutes. Remember to rinse your skin with warm water.

  • Yogurt and lemon

This is a great solution for remove blackheads on your skin because of its strong ingredients. We have well acknowledged that yogurt contains probiotics which dilate your skin and balance pH level of your body. In addition, lemon is loaded of antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties which prevent scar and get rid of blackheads. You can squeeze a lemon then pour the juice with a jar of yogurt then apply on your face for 10 minutes twice a week.